Ricardo Dazianoavatar

Tenured Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Associate Director, Engineering Management Program

PhD in Economics at Université Laval

Graduate Fields: Civil and Environmental Engineering, Systems Engineering, Regional Science; Atkinson Center Faculty Fellow

✎ 305 Hollister Hall, Ithaca NY 14853 | ☎ 607 255 2018

✉︎ daziano@cornell.edu

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prateekPrateek Bansal

PhD in Transportation Systems Engineering

Education: MSc in Transportation Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin 2015

Research interests: endogeneity in discrete choice models; experiment design;  machine learning; understanding the impacts of autnomous vehicles

✉︎ pb422@cornell.edu

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Saeedeh Sadeghi

PhD in Systems Engineering

Education: MSc in Machine Intelligence and Cognitive Modeling from the University of Tehran 2017

Research interests: computational models of decision making, behavioral economics, neuroeconomics

✉︎ ss3767@cornell.edu


WangWei (Will) Wu

PhD in Systems Engineering

Education: BSc in Physics from Fudan University (Shanghai, China) 2017

Research interests: decision science, game theory, network science

✉︎ ww433@cornell.edu



Akanksha Sinha

MSc in Transportation Systems Engineering

Education: MSc in Construction Engineering and Management from Colorado State University, Fort Collins 2017

Research interests: decisions under conflicting objectives and uncertainty using stochastic optimization methods; travel behavior analysis; applied econometrics

✉︎ as3658@cornell.edu



estherEsther Chiew

PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering 2015

Consultant at the World Bank

Working on projects related to intermodal freight transportation and logistics, and port-hinterland connectivity.




mauricioMauricio Sarrias

PhD in Regional Science 2015

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Universidad Católica del Norte (Antofagasta, Chile)

Working on discrete choice models, spatial econometrics, health economics, and regional science

✉︎ mauricio.sarrias@ucn.cl | Web



chenChen Wang

PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering 2016

Trading Strategist, Trexquant Investment LP

Statistical arbitrage research: developing hedged long/short equity trading alphas in different equity markets
Portfolio management: constructing live trading strategies by optimizing alpha signals


Lan Liu

MSc in Transportation Systems Engineering 2017

Algorithm researcher at DiDiChuxing

Working on algorithm research and development to support efficiency improvements of real-time ride-sharing services.




Jiayi Sun

MSc in Transportation Systems Engineering 2016

Software development engineer at Oath

Working on Platform as a Service (PAAS) by enabling customers to develop, extend, connect, secure, mobilize, and share data across apps in the cloud




Sijia Wang

MSc in Transportation Systems Engineering 2016

Data scientist at WSP

Working on activity-based travel demand modeling, including the New York Best Practice Model (NYBPM)